6 People
rock star yacht in goa

Rock Star

INR 7,500
  • 26FT
6 People
Prawn Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • 26FT
6 People
SpeedBoat 232 in Goa

SpeedBoat 232

INR 7,500
  • 32FT
6 People
Rinker Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • 26FT
More Details
8 People
Bayliner Discovery 288 Yacht in Goa

Bayliner Discovery 288

INR 7,500
  • 28FT
More Details
8 People
Prestige 36 Yacht in Goa

Prestige 36

INR 7,500
  • 36FT
Sweta Kankaria

The Sail was good! We enjoyed! It was fine!

Binita K Sen

Thank You Prem for this wonderful experience! We really really loved it. We had the most fantastic time!

Dr. Vincent C

Thank you so Prem for making our experience amazing! The yacht was beautiful and comfortable. The staff was professional, friendly and very hospitable.

8 People
Bayliner 275 Yacht in Goa

Bayliner 275

INR 7,500
  • 27FT
9 People
Manta Ray Yacht in Goa

Manta Ray

INR 7,500
10 People
Prestige 350 Yacht in Goa

Prestige 350

INR 7,500
  • 36FT
10 People
Searay 330 Yacht in Goa

Searay 330

INR 7,500
  • 33FT
10 People
Nautica Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • 37FT
11 People
Funliner Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • Max 11 People
  • 35FT
  • Sun Deck
  • Bedroom
  • Washroom
Garima Upadhyay

Trip was awsome and it's was life changing experience. The yacht was very clean and luxurious. Everything was good!

Viny Raj Modi

It was really nice. We had a great time!


I came to Goa for a birthday party. Chartered a yacht for 3 Hours. We had such a great time. We were able to see the gorgeous sunset as well. Thank you so much!

12 People
Ferretti 460 Yacht in Goa

Ferretti 460

INR 7,500
  • 47FT
More Details
15 People
SpeedBoat 232 in Goa

Sea Eagle

INR 7,500
  • 35FT
15 People
Ferratti 550 Yacht in Goa

Ferratti 550

INR 7,500
  • 57FT
15 People
Fairline Squadron 42 Yacht in Goa

Fairline Squadron 42

INR 7,500
  • 45FT
More Details
15 People
Taj Exotica Yacht in Goa

Taj Exotica

INR 7,500
  • 42FT
More Details
15 People
Phoenix Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • 52FT
More Details
15 People
Serenity Yacht in Goa


INR 7,500
  • 42FT
18 People
Calypso Catamaran Yacht in Goa

Calypso Catamaran

INR 7,500
  • 40FT
18 People
Blue Diamond Yacht in Goa

Blue Diamond

INR 7,500
  • 52FT
20 People
Lagoon 44 Yacht in Goa

Lady M

INR 7,500
  • 40FT
25 People
Majesty 66 Yacht in Goa

Majesty 66

INR 7,500
  • 66FT
More Details
25 People
Luxury Blue Catamaran Shantam Yacht in Goa

Luxury Catamaran

INR 7,500
  • 40FT

Celebrate Special Events on Yacht in Goa

Birthday Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Birthday Parties

Celebrating a milestone birthday or just want to make the start of this year special? Our private Yacht Charters in Goa is the perfect venue to celebrate your day! Guests will enjoy cruising the beautiful Goa’s waterways.

Engagement Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Engagement Parties

What better venue for such an event than aboard one of a luxury private yacht in Goa. The yacht in Goa vary in size and can host parties from 10 to 50 guests allowing us to cater to all kinds of events.

Bachelor Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Bachelor Parties

If you are looking for a unique experience for your bachelor party in Goa, consider renting a yacht in Goa with your closest friends and taking your celebration out to the water.

Bachelorette Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Bachelorette Parties

Climb aboard breathtakingly gorgeous yacht and party in Goa like you’ve got money to blow. You’ll enjoy a customized party boat experience, designed specifically for the bride-to-be.

Retirement Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Retirement Parties

Retirement only comes around once, so it makes sense that you‘d want to throw a big party for your loved one when it‘s their turn to move on. If you really want to escort your loved one into retirement in style, why not book them a yacht in Goa for their party?

Corporate Event & Party on Private Luxury Yacht in Goa | Rent Yacht in Goa Today for your Special Event.
Corporate Events

Looking for a unique location for your next business meeting or board retreat? Rewarding your employees for a job well done? Cruising Club India yacht Charters in Goa can help you plan the perfect corporate event on a private yacht in Goa. Colleagues and clients alike will be impressed as you cruise on Goa’s beautiful Intracoastal Waterway.

On-Demand Services for Events & Parties on Yacht in Goa

hire a dj for you private party on yacht in goa
Live DJ Music

Your personal DJ will be on board your private yacht in Goa, and set the perfect mood for the whole cruise. Not only will they provide music, but they can also help to emcee and direct the flow of the party.

hire live music band for your private party on yacht in goa
Duos, Trio’s & Full Bands

Goa has a number of Live Music Bands that can cater to every kind of music. From Bollywood and Rock & Roll Jazz and Blues too, there is a band in Goa for every mood. We can provide you with Solos, Duos, Trio’s and Full Bands.

hire one man band artist for your private event on yacht in goa
One Man Band

If you are thinking of setting up an memorable event on Yacht in Goa, then One man Band a perfect choice for your special occasion. A one-man band is an artist who can play more than one musical instrument at the same time.

hire dancers and performers for event. hire entertainment service for your event on yacht in goa
Dance & Entertainment

Professional dancers with their unique show program will not only perk up the mood but also give joy, fun and sustained energy to your special day leaving the unforgettable memories.

decor your yacht for special event.
Flowers and Decor

Our Event Floral Planners will create your perfect look through flowers and creative decor ideas. We will make your event perfect with the elegance of the right flowers and decor. We will gladly work according to your budget.

get catering service for your private event on yacht in goa

Whether you are looking for quick finger food, an international buffet, or a catered full-course menu our Chef will work with you to perfect your food offerings at a reasonable and highly competitive price.

on demand special drinks for party and special events on yacht

Our packages for party drinks include vodka drinks, mixed drinks, and any other cocktails drinks. If you’ll be drinking alcohol at your party, we have everything you need!

bbq on yacht for private parties in goa

Enjoy delicacies hot from the grill paired with beverages and spend your day on a luxurious rental yacht. Our experienced crew are glad to cater you with mouth-watering BBQ delicacies.

hire photographer to do drone shoot of your special event on boat and yacht in goa
Drone Shoot

Aerial photography and video using a drone brings a unique perspective to show off your event, be it a wedding, corporate events or parties on yacht. It is a great way to capture the size, atmosphere and location of an event.

hire photographer for special yacht event

Whether your yacht is for bachelor party or corporate event, yacht party photographer will be there to capture the energy and all of the most important moments of the night for you to look back on.

On-Board Equipments

  • Air Conditioning Cabins
  • Generator
  • TV in Saloon and Maser Cabin*
  • Audio System
  • Fridge on fly
  • Microwave
  • Bathing Platform
  • Sunbathing Cushions

Package Inclusions

  • Licensed captain
  • Crew/Hostess
  • Bath Towels
  • Freshly Iced Coolers
  • Music System w/Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth and Aux cable
  • Inflatable Floats
  • Life Jackets
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Bottled Water
  • Plates, Utensils and Napkins
  • Fuel / Jetty fee
  • Soft drinks

Standard Inclusions

  • Skipper / Captain
  • Crew / Hostess
  • Fuel / Jetty fee*
  • Soft Drinks*

How much does it cost to Charter a Yacht in Goa?

Planning a yacht charter in Goa is an exciting task, but it’s also a challenge – especially when beginning to estimate cost. Yacht have a base price, which is the hourly rate to rent the boat. But in addition to base costs, what other expenses, like food/drink, local taxes, or fuel, are charterers required to pay?

The good news: It’s easy to grasp the basics of yacht charter pricing. And this can help you more accurately estimate the cost of your next once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

The cost of a yacht charter is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the charter destination, local taxes, and the base cost.

Therefore, yacht charters have a wide range of base prices. That’s why charters in Goa can cost from INR 20,000 per hour INR 60000 per hour depending on the sailing yachts, catamarans or luxurious motor super yacht you choose.

The cost of the Yacht or boat is fixed and does not vary with the number of people on board. The catering and beverages are variable costs and should be shown separately on a per person basis and should also include any service charges and taxes.

What else can you expect to pay? This overview – a part of our planning resource, the Charter Advice Guide – offers an in-depth look at charter yacht costs in Goa.

Yacht Charter Price Structure: “All-Inclusive” vs “Plus Expenses”

In the world of yachting, two types of crewed yacht charters are available to you – “All-Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses” charter experiences. What do these terms mean exactly? Here’s a quick look:

  • All-Inclusive Yacht Charters: Some charters (mainly catamaran and Yacht charters in Goa) offer all-inclusive rates. That means rates are based on the number of guests, and they include all food and drink, water sports, and fuel costs. Dockage and taxes, though, are usually charged separately.
  • Plus Expenses Charters: Rates yacht do not include running expenses, which must be paid separately. For these luxury charters in Goa, the base price is for the yacht only. Additional expenses, i.e. food, bar, decor, DJ, hostess and other expenses, are charged separately.

Where you can Rent Private Yacht in Goa?

There is nothing that’s going to be as memorable has hosting an event or party on a private, luxury yacht in Goa. The options when hosting this type of event are endless, ranging from outstanding event facilities to 5-star catering and more. If a person is planning an upcoming event or party, they should seriously consider all the benefits offered by choosing a yacht, with some of the most location highlights here;

Goa is full of natural beauties. San Jacinto Island is one of the beautiful island of Goa. San Jacinto Island is a small island of Goa, where you can also reach by private yacht and enjoy this place with full of ancient memories. It is located at the Mormugao bay. There are some old houses are situated on this small island of Goa and the picturesque of the San Jacinto Island of Goa is wonderful.

There is also a tunnel present by which you can go to the other side of the river which is known as Siridao. This tunnel is very old. You can also see the light house of the island. If you ever come to Goa never forget to come to this San Jacinto Island of Goa once. Its particularly good for fishing. Here, plate coral also grows. This is a best choice for family holiday and also honeymoon holidaying in Goa.

Beautiful yacht cruise in Goa by backwaters trip with private luxury yacht charter. Starting from Panjim jetty after crossing Mandovi bridge underneath cruise past famous sites of Panjim (Capital of Goa) such as: Reis Magos Fort, Miramar beach, the Governor's residence and Hotel Marriot & Mouth of the Mandovi and we move to Chorao island. You can see backwaters of Goa in Chorao island in 2 hour yacht tour.

Most famous yacht trip in Goa is to Grand island. It is about the largest marine island which is scenic and breathtaking, far out into the Arabian Sea, off the Mormugoa harbor. It’s an exciting place in Goa to visit by private yacht or speed boat, where you can swim and snorkel in the clear waters, and admire the fascinating colors and underwater coral and marine life.

On the way to the island if you are lucky, you will spot frolicking dolphins, sea-eagles and other water birds. Those adventurous enough can do snorkeling or pay a visit to Monkey beach. While out there, the “Monkey Beach” invites you for a beach barbeque especially for honeymoon holidaying in Goa. The rest of the day can be spent in sunbathing, swimming, or relaxing on this beach and soak in the pleasures of sun, beach and sand.

Island trip by private yacht includes fresh fruits, beach barbeque, snorkeling gear, soft drinks & beer. One has to carry one’s own towel and swimming costumes. A visit to this beautiful island will definitely be a fascinating and an unforgettable.

Beautiful yacht cruise in Goa by backwaters trip with private luxury yacht to the beautiful Divar island which is situated across the Mandovi River from Old Goa. A ferry connects the southern end of the island with Old Goa. It’s a best choice for family holiday in Goa. Boasting a natural setting, with the lush green landscapes of the island home to palm trees and paddy fields, just sit back and enjoy the peaceful scenery and ambience. Walks and bike rides through the tranquil countryside make for relaxing days out, with great views out across the Mandovi River and over the hilltops to Panjim and Old Goa.

Divar Island plays host each year to the Bonderam Festival, or feast of the harvest, which takes place on the last saturday in august and attracts many locals and visitors alike, despite being the monsoon season. The festival boasts a carnival-like atmosphere with colorful floats, music and plenty of food.

Most Romantic beach in Goa near island is the, Butterfly beach which is located in the north direction of Palolem beach. Butterfly island is one of the most beautiful island and natural marvel. Goa Butterfly beach is famous for Dolphin play and highly picturesque magical sunset. To reach Butterfly Island, you need to reach Palolem beach by private yacht or speed boat with beautiful water heaven along with dolphin trip to Butterfly Island. The distance from the main land is not more than 200 m and a short yacht cruise is good enough to reach the island. Goa Butterfly beach tour is famous for the picture perfect sea shore beauty, magnificent sunset, play with Dolphins, sea cucumbers, footprints of crabs and goldfishes and sea urchins. It’s a perfect holiday destination for Honeymoon in Goa. Low tides would create a vast canvas on the beach which is painted by the designer footsteps of crabs and goldfishes. The dolphins are extra acrobatic in the waters surrounding the island. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

Most famous yacht trip to the Bat island. It’s a small island surrounded by beautiful Goa beaches. The Bat island of Goa is situated on the west of the state of Goa. The Island is situated at a distance of around a kilometer from the Baina beach of Vasco Da Gama. The Bat Island is a great place for visit by private yacht or speed boat.

Specially those who are looking for some adventure while they are honeymoon holidaying in Goa. The Bat Island has mostly rocky beaches. There is also a small stretch of greenery on the island. If you are into adventure and water sports, you would love snorkeling in the sea around the Bat Island Goa. It is a perfect place for snorkeling in the whole of major Goan destinations by private yacht. For snorkeling, the training and equipments are provided by the tour organizers and operators. The island provides a very interesting stopover along the Goan coast.

Apart from these, hundreds of colorful shoals can be seen swimming just near you. There are parrot fish, angel fish, squirrel fish, butterfly fish, groupers, snappers, trigger fish, lobsters, hawksbill turtle, sea cucumbers and sea urchins that you can see while you are exploring the sea. A visit to this beautiful Island will definitely be a fascinating and an unforgettable experience.

Most famous yacht or Speed boat to monkey island Goa. Monkey Island to the right is counted one of the divine beauties of Palolem Beach. Monkey island looming in the background is truly a Paradise which purely matches with its other name ‘Paradise Beach’. It’s a romantic island to visit, specially for honeymoon holidaying in Goa.

Monkey Island, the green small island in the northern side, one can walk through the shallow water during low tide, but during high tide, a nice luxury yacht trip! It’s very difficult to manage to photograph of monkeys on an island just off Palolem. You have to keep your camera in gear for a scary experience. The landmass on the left is a small island locally called Monkey Island. You can walk across to it in knee deep water when the tides are low.

Most famous yacht cruise to Baga beach in Goa. It’s one of the most happening beaches on the coast. You'll find everything from water sports to fine dining restaurants there, along with a pulsating nightlife.

It's bordered by Calangute beach to the south, and Anjuna beach to the north on the other side of the river. Baga Beach starts right where Calangute ends, although it's hard to pinpoint exactly where. The weather at Baga is warm throughout the year. Some winter nights can get a bit chilly from December to February though. Water sports are a huge attraction. You can go para sailing by yacht cruise or speed boat. There are many things to do for honeymoon holidaying in Goa. Many are simply content lazing on the sun lounges in front of the beach shacks all day and feasting on a steady supply of food, beer, and cocktails. The Wednesday flea market at Anjuna beach and saturday night market at Arpora are both close by, and will satisfy even the best shopaholics.

Baga is well known for its nightlife. Head to hip cocktails and dreams to try an astonishing variety of cocktails and shooters, and be dazzled by barmen with impressive flame juggling skills. Baga Beach is just a beautiful rocky beach the wonderful natural surroundings.

Some tourist think Goa is just known for beaches, sea food and parties, but there is a lot more to the place which attracts thousand tourists every year. The best thing about spending a holiday in the beach capital is you have several options to choose from. Luxury yacht cruise in Goa is of one the best way to do experience several holiday activities at once like sight-seeing, water sports, snorkeling, lounging and much more. Travel Adventures brings you exclusive packages for cruise packages that are suitable for friends and family. You can choose any according to your interest, size of group and budget as we have something for everyone. Never miss a chance to enchant yourself by the hypnotism of the beautiful Arabian Sea and Mandovi River. There are various kinds of luxury cruise packages and you can select the suitable one as per your likings & Budget.

Candolim, Goa is a great place to rent a boat. You can rent or charter a small motorboat, sailboat, houseboat, or even a yacht. Take in the beautiful scenery and spend quality time with your friends and family while having the perfect day on the water. From birthday celebrations and bachelor or bachelorette parties to family vacations, Candolim, Goa is the perfect boat rental destination.

One of the picturesque beaches of South Goa. Most famous yacht cruise to Palolem is just 2 kms from west of Chaudi. The major attractions of this beach happen to be Agonda and Chaudi. The stretch of white sand dominates the south of Goa. Dive deep into the sea to meet the clustering sea mussels and the red crabs. Wake up to bright morning sunshine behind the forests.

The more adventurous ones can chase the fleeting waters during low tide on the tiny island located at the north of the beach. Away from the maddening crowd, Palolem beach is the ideal place to unwind if you are looking for an idyllic vacation.

A fresh water stream is located at the northern end of the beach which adds to the beauty of the beach. Across the stream there is a tiny island which can be accessed just by swimming across during a low tide. It’s a best option for honeymoon holidaying in Goa. private yacht cruise takes you to watch the Dolphin and also for fishing. Also known as the Paradise Beach of Goa, Palolem is home to a large number of shacks offering drinks and mouthwatering local cuisine. About a mile long, this beach offers privacy as well as a pleasant landscape.

Places to Visit in Goa by Yacht

Our Luxury yacht charter in Goa can also take you on a cruise on the Goa rivers – Mandovi and Zuari. Visit Old Goa, Divar and the Charao islands. See UNESCO World Heritage sites, cruise through beautiful mangrove forests, see birds, churches, and traditional Goan villages and old Portuguese houses.

There is a lot to see and do. But it is mostly about the cruise and the luxury experience of traveling in a top yacht that is popular worldwide.

  • Night dinner yacht cruise (approx 2 hours)
  • Private party in Yacht in Goa
  • Mandovi river & birdwatching trip (approx 2 hours)
  • Charter to Velsao beach or Morjim beach (approx 3-5 hours)

We can help you plan other trips as well. Just let us know your preferences. Work with our team and captain to plan a sailing trip in Goa.

Why Charter Yacht with Cruising Club India?

Cruising Club India offers you a wide range of packages for all our guests. Right from hosting corporate events to arranging photo shoots, to even hosting wedding and birthday celebrations in Goa, we do it all. We will help you design tailor made events or parties to celebrate the best moments of your life, while you set sail on our Luxury yacht in Goa.

At Cruising Club India we offer flexible booking terms, reduced deposits and flexible contracts. Let our team of dedicated yachting experts turn your yacht charter dreams into an exhilarating reality.

Celebrate, reunite, and getaway in ultimate luxury and safety. Our stylish yacht allow for high end travel in peace of mind, and meaningful moments customized to your every requirement.

Each itinerary offers personalized attention and an abundance of ‘wow’ moments. Indulge in innovative cuisine, rugged landscapes.

Social distance in Style! It can get kinda stuffy sitting at home, how about hanging out with friends and family on a spacious yacht? That’s more like it. We live in the sunshine state and we need to take advantage of that right?

Our private charter surpasses Health and Safety standards with the most stringent of measures, hygiene regulations and management processes.

We will start with the choices you have made and make suggestions for yacht that may suit your event better either because of the size of your group or the type of event. We will prepare proposals for you based on the information you provide.

From signing the contract to getting to your event date we will be in touch as and when needed. Here to answer all questions you have and make changes to all aspects of the event including number of guests and menu/bar options; adding entertainment; choosing different dock locations or adding time to the event.

Cruising Club India is a Yacht charter agency that features an innovative online platform that allows customers to book luxury yacht at Goa’s most popular yachting destinations.

There is no need to call or meet to find the prices and terms and negotiate, we have done it all for you. Our platform offers the best yacht at the best prices, and our secure payment system means that you can charter your yacht right from your mobile device for a cashless and convenient checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions on Yacht in Goa

Goa is a land of jaw-dropping islands and crystalline seas. This is arguably India’s most enticing yachting destination, especially for first-time charterers. Short sailing distances, inviting and protected waters and an impressive array of itinerary options make Goa yacht charters not only easy but also insanely enjoyable. The sheer concentration of natural, cultural and historical highlights means everyone finds something here to tickle their fancy. No matter who you are or what you like, you’re guaranteed to find your own slice of yachting heaven, right here.

Private luxury yacht cruising in Goa has always been a fantastic choice for Goan vacations and, in 2021, its popularity will explode. Offering more than freedom, privacy and independence, private yacht charters in Goa also offer the ultimate in safety and make for an ideal ‘social distancing’ vacation in COVID times.

You can consult our team about the yacht choice – they will prepare an offer for you, based upon your request. After having chosen a yacht, we can reserve it for you as per the date and time agreed by you.

The yacht is considered booked by you as soon as you pay the first installment, i.e. 50% of the total price.

With quite perfect weather for about 9 months a year, Goa takes advantage to offer a much longer yacht charter season.

November, December, January make for great charter experiences, although there’s no denying that September, October are also the best months. The height of the Goan summer (March to May) sees an uptick of visitors to the coast and all the islands of Goa.

Many factors come into consideration when selecting the right yacht for a charter in Goa. The size and composition of your group will influence the size and style of the chosen yacht; the crew is also a determining factor as some yacht are more suited for families whilst others are great for partying. Our charter team have decades of experience in successfully selecting the right yacht for our clients and creating unforgettable memories.

All yacht in Goa have a limitation as to the number of guests which can be accommodated on board. This relates to the rules and regulations for the safety of passengers and is determined for each yacht in Goa based on the number of berths (individual sleeping places) and safety equipment. The maximum number of guests on board is usually 12, which is dictated by the general rules for commercial vessels, although some larger yacht in Goa can accommodate up to 40 guests.

  • Date of the event
  • How many guests
  • Type of event – Photo shoot; Romantic Cruise; Corporate; Wedding; Birthday or other
  • Preferred location – North Goa or South Goa
  • Type of food service – Buffet; Formal Plated or Cocktail
  • Type of bar service – Full Open Bar; Beer/Wine and Soft Drinks or Non Alcoholic. If a Cash Bar is preferred or Drink Tickets to limit the purchase of alcohol

  • Initial Deposit: 50% of the charter fee, which confirms booking;
  • Remaining 50% of the charter fee and payment for any add-on options due 2 days before the cruising date.
  • Cruising Club India will deliver the boat to the Charterer only after full payment of any balance or security deposit due from Charterer.
  • The Yacht shall be returned to the End Port on the date and time as specified in Charterer’s invoice.
  • In case of delay on return, Charterer has to pay the prorated charter fee applicable.

Smoking is not permitted inside most yachts. However please consult us for verification, as this policy may vary on certain yachts. For safety reasons, smoking in cabins and staterooms is prohibited on all yachts. Some yacht will allow smoking in designated outdoor areas.

Well before you board your yacht, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire describing the preferences and special needs of all the members of your party, such as dietary or medical requirements, details of any allergies, and your sporting or entertainment requests. This will enable us and the crew of your chosen yacht in Goa to ensure that everything possible is done to make your charter a wonderful experience.

All charter companies in Goa must adhere to local Captain of Ports laws and regulations. This is your primary protection, and in most cases, the rules are quite strict. For instance, in Goa, the Coast Guard regularly checks papers of the boats and there are large fines if anything is missing. All operators also must carry insurance by law. You have every right to see these papers prior to embarkation. Beyond this, we work only with reliable operators, who have a track record of success and happy customers. Before we work with an operator, they must agree to meet our high standard of customer satisfaction and agree to provide boats that are clean and in excellent condition for their age. Finally, of course, the general rule is that the newer the boat, the better the condition.

Discover Yacht Charter Stories of Goa

Sailing the Serene Mondovi River: A Family Adventure on our Bayliner 288 Yacht in Goa

Capturing precious moments as this lovely family, husband, wife, and their two adorable children, cruise along the stunning Mondovi River on our Bayliner 288 yacht in Goa. The iconic Atal Setu bridge stands majestically in the background, adding to the beauty of the scene.

#backwaters #goa #YachtFamilyGetaway
Team Cruising Club India Published at 22 March 2024 at 08:50

A Memorable First Birthday Celebration Aboard Ciao Bella Yacht in Goa!

We recently organized a memorable celebration as a family marked their child's first birthday in style aboard our luxurious 45ft yacht in Goa. Accompanied by their loved ones. We made their day extra special by arranging a delightful cake, champagne for toasting, chocolates, and exquisite decorations both inside and outside the yacht. It was a celebration to remember! Contact us now to plan your own unforgettable event aboard our luxury yachts!

#goa #decoration #birthday #sunset
Team Cruising Club India Published at 21 March 2024 at 06:34

Discover Sri Lanka: Team Cruising Club India's Epic Whale Watching Expedition!

Sharing our incredible experience from our sailing adventure in Sri Lanka! We explored the stunning coastline, spotting whales and dolphins while enjoying breakfast and lunch on board. Now, we're inviting you to experience this unforgettable journey too! Book with us and receive a special discount as a member of our community. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Team Cruising Club India Published at 19 March 2024 at 10:28

Private Parties for Couples: Cruise Fun in Goa's Backwaters

Our recent private party cruise was a tailored experience for couples seeking an exclusive celebration on the serene waters of Goa's backwaters. We fulfilled our clients' desires by arranging food, drinks, and a picturesque cruise route showcasing iconic Old Goa churches and Portuguese heritage houses. It was our pleasure to host this unforgettable event, ensuring our clients had a fantastic time aboard our private boat.

#backwaters #goa #CelebrateLove #RomanticGetaway
Team Cruising Club India Published at 18 March 2024 at 10:54

Family Sundowner Delight: Drinks, DJ Beats, and Unforgettable Moments Aboard Our Goa Yacht Party!

Thrilled to share glimpses from our recent private party on the serene waters of Goa! From gourmet cuisine to live DJ beats, we crafted every detail for our cherished clients. Their happiness was the ultimate fulfillment! We hope to see them again aboard our luxury yachts soon!

#goa #sunset #YachtFamilyGetaway
Team Cruising Club India Published at 17 March 2024 at 10:43

Pink Paradise: A Fabulous 40th Birthday Bash on Blue Diamond Yacht in Goa!

In search of a unique celebration, our client turned to Cruising Club India to curate an unforgettable 40th birthday experience. Surrounded by her pink-clad friends, including the birthday girl whose dress was the epitome of elegance in pink, they set sail on the luxurious Blue Diamond yacht. Our team meticulously crafted a pink paradise, adorning the vessel with themed decorations, a scrumptious cake, champagne, and a delightful array of food and drinks. A skilled photographer captured every cherished moment, while a talented DJ ensured the party never missed a beat. As the sun dipped below the horizon during our 2-hour sunset trip, the group reveled in the breathtaking view. With a capacity for up to 18 guests, Blue Diamond yacht offered both space and opulence. Cruising Club India stands as the ultimate destination for unparalleled yacht parties in the tranquil waters of Goa. Book with us, and let's transform your yacht party dreams into a vibrant reality! 🎉🛥️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 27 October 2023 at 11:28

Little Sailor's Big Day: Yacht Birthday Magic in Goa's Waters with SeaRay Splendor

Setting sail on joyous waters, our client celebrated their youngest child's birthday aboard the SeaRay 330 yacht in Goa. This comfortable cabin motor yacht welcomed up to 10 guests, creating a perfect setting for family and friends. Embracing the theme of red and blue, we adorned the yacht with vibrant balloon decor, mirroring the cheerful atmosphere of the celebration. The family, our esteemed guests, sported matching red and blue-themed attire, adding a delightful touch to the party. With a personalized 'Happy Birthday, the Little Sailor' cake and a picturesque backdrop provided by our onboard photoshoot and drone footage, every moment was captured in exquisite detail. Cruising Club India ensures your special occasions are not just events but cherished memories. Experience the magic on the sea with us. 🎈🎂⛵️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 22 October 2023 at 11:19

Corporate Bliss on the High Seas: Aboard Majesty 66 with Cruising Club India

Cruising Club India recently hosted a corporate event aboard the magnificent Majesty 66 yacht. From delectable cuisine to captivating live music and stunning drone photography, every detail was meticulously arranged by us. Majesty 66, one of Goa's largest yachts, provided a spacious and luxurious ambiance for our guests, accommodating up to 25 people. As the yacht gracefully sailed along the Mandovi River to Dona Paula, our corporate guests relished the breathtaking sunset, creating unforgettable moments during their voyage.

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 22 October 2023 at 10:30

Capturing Moments: Majestic Birthday Celebration on Majesty 66 Yacht in Goa!

Experience unparalleled luxury on our Majesty 66 yacht in Goa. Recently, a client celebrated their birthday in grand style, inviting friends aboard this premium vessel. With spacious bedrooms, a large sundeck, fly-bridge, bar, and panoramic dining area, the Majesty 66 offers the ideal setting for large parties. The perfect evening was capped off with a breathtaking sunset cruise, creating cherished memories on the open water. Cruising Club India added an extra touch of magic with a professional drone shoot and photography session, expertly captured by our photographer, Mr. Antonio. Elevate your celebrations with us. Book your dream yacht experience today! 🌅⛵️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 20 October 2023 at 11:01

Birthday Celebration Aboard Manta Ray Yacht in Goa

Embark on unforgettable adventures with Cruising Club India! A recent client celebrated their birthday in style aboard our small yet vibrant yacht, Manta Ray. Perfect for parties, backwater cruising, fishing, and sport fishing, Manta Ray set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Our team adorned the yacht with cheerful red balloon decorations, arranged a scrumptious cake and champagne, and even captured aerial moments through a stunning drone shoot. Despite the monsoon clouds, the weather held, ensuring a memorable experience. Don't miss out on creating your own picture-perfect moments. Book your yacht with us on your next Goa trip and let us craft magical memories for you. 🎈🥂⛵️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 19 October 2023 at 09:31

Goa Family Yacht Cruise: Sunset Serenade with Live Music by Cruising Club India

Creating cherished family moments, a group of 15 booked our open cabin yacht, Sea Eagle, in Goa. With its spacious front deck, perfect for group gatherings, they opted for our add-on service: live music. Sanjiv, our talented guitarist and singer, serenaded them with old classic hits and local tunes, adding a touch of magic to their sunset cruise. Elevate your moments with Cruising Club India – book your unforgettable experience today. 🌅🎶

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 18 October 2023 at 15:51

Picture-Perfect Bride-to-Be Celebration: Yacht Magic in Goa with Cruising Club India

Setting sail into a picturesque sunset, our client hosted a memorable bride-to-be party on the Phoenix yacht along Goa's enchanting Mandovi River. With a theme of pink and white, the yacht was transformed into a dreamy setting, adorned with delicate balloon decor. Amidst the vibrant hues of the evening sky, live music set the perfect ambiance, creating joyous moments for the group of ladies and kids aboard. At Cruising Club India, we specialize in turning every event into a magical experience. Book your yacht now and let us create unforgettable memories for your special occasions. 🌅⛵️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 19 October 2023 at 09:31

Champagne and Sunshine: Yacht Rinker 260 Revelry in Goa

Dive into a world of elegance and revelry as four fabulous ladies take center stage aboard Yacht Rinker 260 in the scenic backwaters of Goa's Mandovi River. With champagne flowing and laughter in the air, they're joined by the talented solo guitarist, Sanjiv, proving that luxury knows no bounds. Cruising Club India ensures every moment is extraordinary, from live music to breathtaking drone-captured memories. Cheers to unforgettable yacht experiences! 🥂🛥️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 16 October 2023 at 08:40

Harmony on the High Seas: Live Music Extravaganza aboard Yacht Phoenix in Goa!

Dive into an unforgettable musical voyage aboard Yacht Phoenix in the heart of Goa! Our esteemed client recently booked the incredibly talented solo guitarist and singer, Sanjiv Murgaonkar, who serenaded the evening with Bollywood retro, classic hits, Goan local Konkani tunes, and timeless Hollywood melodies. The intimate setting of Phoenix, our small luxury yacht designed for groups of 10-12 people, became the stage for a birthday celebration filled with soulful tunes and joyful vibes. To elevate the experience, our client requested balloon decor, transforming the yacht into a festive haven. Live music and scenic views made this occasion extraordinary, showcasing the magic that happens when music meets the sea

On your next trip or when celebrating any occasion on a yacht, hire live music from us paired with delightful decorations to craft the perfect yacht trip in Goa. For an added touch of magic, consider booking a sunset slot, making your experience extra special. The dedicated team at Cruising Club India will go above and beyond to ensure your time on the yacht is not just enjoyable but truly unforgettable. Dive into the world of luxury and musical delight with us!" 🎶🛥️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 16 October 2023 at 06:23

Sailing Love Stories: Aboard the Luxurious Yacht Prawn with Cruising Club India

Our recent guests, a lovely couple, embarked on an enchanting journey aboard the luxurious yacht, Prawn. Filled with surprises, the girl planned a heartfelt surprise for her partner. Cruising Club India spared no effort in creating the perfect setting. A personalized welcome standee, bearing a message straight from her heart, greeted them as they stepped aboard. To capture their cherished moments, we arranged for a skilled photographer to join them on their romantic sunset trip along the serene Mandovi River in Panaji, Goa. Stay tuned for more heartwarming updates like this, where love meets the sea. 🌅⛵️

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Sail into Splendor: Nemo's 2023 Goa Sailing Season Sets Sail!

Ahoy, sea enthusiasts! 🌊⛵️ We're thrilled to announce the commencement of the sailing season in Goa 2023, and our beloved boat, Nemo, is all set to glide the azure waters of Dona Paula Bay, Panaji. Nemo, our cozy 5-capacity sailing boat, is tailor-made for intimate groups of friends, couples, and families seeking picturesque sunset and sunrise escapades. Dive into the crystal-clear waters during a half-day trip towards Bat Island, where snorkeling, swimming, and dolphin spotting await.

Embark on a memorable journey where our skilled sailor will guide you, not just through the waves, but also into the heart of sailing. Learn the art of sailing, understand the intricacies of Nemo, and experience the magic of the sea like never before. And that's not all – Nemo is joined by a fleet of other sailboats, both big and small, ready to create lasting memories.

Seize the opportunity to book Nemo today and let the sea be your guide into the wonders of Goa's coastline. 🌅🐬

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 08 October 2023 at 07:29

Crafting Magical Memories on Panjim Mandovi River, Goa

On October 2nd, Cruising Club India orchestrated a magical evening on our Bayliner Discovery 288 for a heartfelt celebration. Against the backdrop of the cloudy skies over Panjim Mandovi River, a young man surprised his girlfriend with our yacht, creating an ambiance of pure joy and romance.

Our dedicated crew transformed the yacht into a haven of love, with balloons, a heart-shaped rose arrangement, and an exquisite table setting featuring a sumptuous birthday cake, chocolates, and delightful snacks. Every detail was meticulously arranged to ensure their evening sparkled with delight. 

Capturing the happiness in our clients' smiles illuminated the cloudy evening, reflecting the magic we create with every charter. These moments are our privilege to craft, and we invite you to join us in celebrating the love and joy that fill our yachts. Stay tuned for more heartwarming tales from the sea. 🎈🎂🥂

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 03 October 2023 at 11:21

Celebrating 21 in Style: Luxury Yacht Birthday Party in Goa

In a picturesque celebration at sea, Cruising Club India unveils the epitome of luxury on the enchanting Ferrati 460 yacht. The sun-kissed waves provide the backdrop for a dreamy 21st birthday celebration, as our overseas client and her family embark on an unforgettable voyage.

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 26 September 2023 at 10:13

Beyond the Horizon: Fishing & Recce trip in Panaji

The first light of dawn was breaking over the picturesque Mandovi River, and we, the members of Cruising Club India, stood at the water's edge in Panjim, Goa, eager for the fishing recce adventure. With the promise of serene waters and the thrill of discovering what lay beneath, we embarked on a journey that would reconnect us with nature and the age-old art of fishing.

Upon reaching the meeting point, a knowledgeable local fishing guide welcomed us with a warm smile. Their enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure was contagious, and they provided a briefing that included safety guidelines and insights into the various fish species we might encounter.

The Mandovi River, it turns out, is not just a paradise for anglers but also a haven for birdwatchers. Kingfishers darted like flashes of blue, herons stood like statues along the riverbanks, and an eagle soared majestically overhead.

The highlight of our trip was when one of our companions reeled in a fish. The trip allowed us to disconnect from the noise of the world and reconnect with the rhythms of nature and the rich fishing heritage of this coastal gem.  

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 07 September 2023 at 08:41

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot on a Yacht in Goa

Looking for a picturesque setting to have your pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa? While the charming streets of Fontainhas and the golden sandy beaches are great locations, they are pretty run-of-the-mill. Today, couples who want to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their pre-wedding shoot are turning to the sea, making wedding photography on yachts in Goa a popular choice! Yacht photoshoots are popular the world over, and there’s no reason why you can’t have one, too! Imagine having a photoshoot with your beloved on a yacht at sunrise or sunset, with beautiful shades of sky above you, casting a warm glow that oozes from your photos.

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What kind of Charter Yacht available in Goa?

Celebrate, reunite, and getaway in ultimate luxury and safety. Our stylish yacht in Goa allow for high end travel in peace of mind, and meaningful moments customized to your every requirement. Social distance in Style! It can get kinda stuffy sitting at home, how about hanging out with friends and family on spacious yacht in Goa?

Each itinerary offers personalized attention and an abundance of ‘wow’ moments. Indulge in innovative cuisine, rugged landscapes. Our private charter surpasses Health and Safety standards with the most stringent of measures, hygiene regulations and management processes.

Cruising Club India is a Yacht rental company in Goa that features an innovative online platform that allows customers to book luxury yacht for private yacht party in Goa, heir a up-class luxury yacht in Goa for a romantic date , enjoy a private yacht vacation in Goa’s most popular yachting destinations. Our platform offers the best yacht in Goa at the best affordable prices in Goa, and our secure payment system means that you can charter your yacht in Goa right from your mobile device for a cashless and convenient checkout.

  • Prestige 440 luxury motor Yacht in Goa for Rent

    This beautiful yacht in Goa has two cabins, 2 washrooms with showers, a kitchen and a huge sunbathing area, an open-plan galley, a saloon, fly bridge, and large cockpit. This beautifully crafted Italian yacht is 42 feet in length. Hire luxury yacht for the most exclusive and luxurious vacation in Goa.

  • Lagoon 44 private Yacht in Goa for Rent

    This spacious cat is wide and provides an excellent sailing experience with great flow top to bottom, inside and out.  She earns high marks for her great deck area too. This best in class catamaran in Goa offering is very comfortable.

  • Majesty 66 luxury Yacht in Goa for Rent

    Majesty 66 as the name goes has a royal ambiance in and around the yacht completely furnished by world renowned timber work finish. The exclusive feature also include spacious and lavish lounge palatial split level dining celestial selection of regalement ethereal bar and 4 state of the art rooms . It felicitates the perfect space for entertainment for private party in Goa, romantic getaway in Goa, corporate or social family weddings in Goa.

  • Fairline Squadron 42 Super Yacht in Goa for Rent

    With a top speed of 30 knots, our Fairline Squadron 42 will be perfect to cover a lot of distance in the sea. Small and easy to maneuver the Squadron 42 comes with bow thruster being a small but technically mature compact flybridge sports cruiser.

  • Ferretti 460 Yacht in Goa for Rent

    The flybridge has been designed in order to provide a unique mode of enjoying the sea, together with one's guests. The guests will appreciate the ample space both of the swimming platform and of the cockpit, for maximum freedom in the use of the yacht's exteriors, and an optimum feel of the sea.

  • Bayliner Discovery 288 Yacht in Goa for Rent

    Bayliner 2288 Discovery yacht in Goa is a powerful and fast boat that comes complete with luxurious fittings and furnishings. It is perfect for a couple or a small family. Bayliner Discovery 288 yacht charter in Goa can accommodate up to 6 guests. The Bayliner Discovery 288 has a command bridge, a fly bridge, open sporting cockpits, one cabin, sitting area, and a bed that can turn into a table.

  • Sundancer 340 Yacht in Goa for Rent

    The Sea Ray Sundancer is the perfect yacht in Goa, for the ones who love the sea and are passionate for sailing. Her alluring magnificence is hard to ignore, with the posh interiors that manages to impress all her guests. The experience always surpasses everybody’s expectations, and the Goan scenery makes it even more exotic.

  • Yacht regal Yacht in Goa for Rent

    This yacht in Goa offers standard and extended seating options, thus accommodating friends and family comfortably. You can be assured that all the services are offered even before they are called for, thus making sure that everyone on board relaxes on the spacious deck with no worries.

Private Yacht in Goa

In the current crisis, yacht tours are far better and safer alternatives to any other options including, hotels. Yacht allow you isolation from busy cities and can be easily sanitized too. You get a secluded place to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Let’s have a quick look at some pointers to understand why a luxury private yacht rental trip is a perfect choice and more rewarding one too.

  • Experience Private Yacht Charter in Goa

    Suppose you plan your next vacation to Goa and look for something simple but elegant that allows you complete freedom and opens the opportunity to indulge in abundance, what would you look for? Nothing can be more fulfilling than a private yacht charter in Goa, the most favourite among vacationers today.

    Private Yacht charter in Goa is fast becoming one of the most popular vacationing options for locals and tourists in Goa. Many families, young couples, friends, and corporates opt for yacht charter in Goa to spend their leisure time.

    Even during the COVID times, it has been the only escapade the avid vacationers preferred without the fear of getting infected due to the isolated environment it offers. Far from the busy and crowded city life, you float in the middle of a vast ocean, soaked in complete luxury, a perfect option to maintain social distancing and privacy. What could be a better option for a luxury seeker who loves the serenity of the sea, whether it is COVID times or not?

  • Picturesque Setting

    Just imagine waking up to a picturesque setting in the middle of the sea, as you find yourself surrounded by mesmerizing lovely island coves on your private Luxury Yacht in Goa. It is something you may have heard of in some fairy tale story. But now you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. The thought of relaxing in the middle of a sea while the gentle breeze keeps stroking you now and then will excite many who enjoy a secluded place in complete serenity. More so, when the entire world is living in uncertainties and COVID-19 crisis continues to bother many. Yachting in Goa is one activity that looks to be the more ideal option than the rest for the vacationing options.

  • Explore the City from the Sea

    The best part about being on a private yacht in Goa is you are not confined to one location. You get to sail around and visit other cities in the region. You have the option of visiting beaches of Goa that are only accessible through yachts, relax by the deck and sip on sundowners, explore hidden gems, and do a lot more, the experience offered through the private yacht is unlike any other.

  • Privacy Unlimited

    Far from the busy streets and crowded hotels, private luxury yacht are fast becoming favourites with luxury-seeking vacationers. The reasons are obvious – while hotels are busy and cramped, yacht provide utmost privacy amidst complete serenity along with very personalised services and personal chef too.

    The crewed charter private yacht experience in Goa is exceptional. It starts with a beautifully designed yacht, which leaves you in awe, with wide-open spaces, and elegantly appointed state-of-the-art features. The picture-perfect surroundings make your experience the most memorable one. Spacious decks and open interiors without feeling crowded is something that you will always cherish experiencing with your family and close friends.

    It is undoubtedly an incredible experience to leave behind the hectic city life and spend quality time in a private yacht in Goa in the lap of nature in ultimate comfort and luxury. Moreover, in this global pandemic crisis when social-distancing has become a new norm, private yacht in Goa are a perfect option for self-isolating.

  • Infinite Freedom

    Private yacht party allows you an infinite option to plan your schedule as per you and your guests’ choice.  You can choose from a wide selection of destinations.  Most of the places are secluded and explorable from your yacht.  Additionally, if you want to sail to a specific place after you board your private yacht in Goa, you can always tell your captain, to make plans accordingly. This is never possible in a luxury hotel, however high-priced and extravagant it might be. With freedom comes the ultimate luxury and comfort.

  • Personal Chef

    The most advantageous of all is the availability of a personal chef that makes private yacht party in Goa far more personalised and rewarding than luxury hotels. This facility allows you to have meals served to your taste. There is nothing better than luxuriating on some sumptuous food with fascinating views around as you get treated royally.

  • Limitless Fun and Adventure in Goa

    Yachting is one of the most preferred luxury adventure activities favourites with fun and adventure enthusiasts across the world. With an abundance of comfort and luxury, and everything in an isolated setting makes it one of the top-rated adventure vacationing options for the adventure buffs seeking complete privacy. The long list of activities will spoil you for choice. And you get to enjoy all of it without having to share it with other guests that you have in a hotel.

Sailing Boat, Sailing Yacht & Sailing Catamaran in Goa

Goa’s great blue embrace makes it an irresistible haven for sailors and their sailboats. The sea, a tantalising turquoise blending into the many hues of the dusk is a sight for the sore eyes and the daring souls. If you enjoy sunsets from the beach, you don’t even know how magnificent they can be from the sea.

Sailing in Goa opens up a unique opportunity to indulge in the many offbeat travel opportunities the state has to offer. You can plan a date, a proposal, a honeymoon, a day out with your friends or even your family. The possibility of enjoying a day away from the crowd with nothing but just the sound of the sea can be a life-changing experience.

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Types of Boats

Most people know boats to be just the archetypal curved wooden watercraft that can be steered by rowing or with the help of motors. However, the word ‘boat’ is an umbrella term for all kinds of watercraft that can be used on shallow water bodies i.e. near-shore areas and inland waterways such as rivers and lakes. The design and the type of a boat depend on the function that it was designed to serve. Boats can be broadly categorised into 10 types which can further have their own sub-types. Here are some major identifications for the different types of boats:

  • Motorboat

    A motorboat (also known as a speedboat or a powerboat), moves around by the thrust of an engine. These engines can either be installed inboard or outboard and vary in shape and size. Motorboats vary in size which can range from a small vessel designed to carry a single person to a 30 m long unit. Motorboats serve recreational (diving, swimming, fishing) and sporting (racing, piloting, navigation) purposes but can also be utilised in cases of emergencies since their speed and size make them efficient.

  • Sailboat

    A sailboat is a boat that doesn’t run on fuel or motors. Its motion is guided simply by the wind and the sails. Sailboats are further divided into subtypes depending on their size, hull configuration, keel type, purpose, the configuration of masts and sail plan. Cutters, Dinghies, and Catboats are some types of sailboats. To effectively navigate a sailboat, the sailor needs to have extensive knowledge of the boat's parts, their functions and the weather’s effects on sailing.

  • RIB

    A Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is an inflatable watercraft that is generally used to commute between a ship and the shore. These boats are efficient since they are lightweight and are preferred by emergency and law enforcement personnel. Their sizes vary from anywhere between 9 feet to 55 feet and they rely on an outboard motor for thrust. RIBs are also popular for recreational purposes such as diving, snorkelling and so on.

  • Catamaran

    A catamaran is a sailboat with two hulls and comes in various sizes depending on its purpose. The boat’s name is derived from the Tamil word kattumaram which translates into English as ‘logs bound together’ (which were traditionally used for fishing). Catamarans are generally used for day sailing and can either come with engines and no sails (power catamarans) or without engines (sailing catamarans). These boats offer stability, and manoeuvrability, and are more spacious and comfortable. Currently, catamarans are used for day sailing, world cruising, chartering or fishing.

  • Houseboat

    A houseboat is designed to provide long-term accommodation on water. A houseboat can vary anywhere between 12 to 24 feet and can have around one to even as many as four rooms along with a porch. Houseboats are popularly found over large lakes, and along the shores of coastal regions. Traditionally, they did not have motors or sails and were usually stationary unless towed from one spot to another. Some modern-day houseboats have been modified to be powered by internal-combustion engines.

  • Jet Ski

    A jet ski is a trademark personal watercraft (PWC) owned by Kawasaki. Used as a generic term for all watercraft with a similar configuration to that of a motorcycle, the jet ski is majorly used for recreational purposes. A PWC is also known as a water scooter and comes in a “stand-up” or “sit-down” variant that relies on an inboard engine for propulsion. Most models can accommodate a maximum of three people. Jet skis are also used in races, fishing and law enforcement.

  • Gulet

    A gulet is a traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessel majorly used for cruising and as a sweeping net, a trawl net or a sponging vessel. Gulets can vary between 15- 33 metres and are generally propelled by sails. They can be modified to offer a luxurious almost hotel-like accommodation and are mainly used for sailing. They are majorly used for tourist charters.

  • Yacht

    A yacht is a large sailing boat that provides accommodation and is generally used for sailing, cruising or racing. A typical yacht has to be at least 10 metres long and can either be sail- or power-driven. The term ‘yacht’ doesn’t refer to any specific boat but any boat that fits the above-mentioned description. They are generally used for recreational or pleasure purposes like cruising, entertaining, water sports, fishing, or year-round accommodations. Yachts can be classified based on size and function.

  • Motor Yacht

    A motor yacht is a sailboat powered by motors and can have multiple rooms within for accommodation. It can range between 8 and 25 metres and is primarily designed for comfort. Its speed ranges between 20 to 30 knots, depending on its size and features. These boats are also used in racing.

  • Sailing Yacht

    A sailing yacht is a watercraft powered by sails and mainly used for cruising and recreational purposes. They are large yachts that are mainly designed for comfort and cruising. Larger sailing yachts range between 2-30 metres and can either be commercial or private. A superyacht is any sailing yacht that is longer than 40 metres. They are designed differently based on whether they will be used for cruising or racing.

Rivers of Goa

If you have ever taken a road trip across Goa, you will know of the state’s scenic hinterland. The state is home to a multitude of hills, lakes, forests and rivers that help create a unique slow travel experience for anyone who seeks it. You can find a river to sail or kayak over, into an endless abyss of peace, pack a picnic on its banks, or plan a wedding in its verdant serenity. What’s more? Goa’s rivers are blissful spaces with an abundance of biodiversity that will enthral the birdwatcher in you. It doesn't end with just birds. You can even explore the mangroves, spot crocodiles, different species of crabs and other sea as well as land animals. So for the nature lover in you, here are 11 rivers that are considered Goa’s lifelines and can offer you a different perspective of the state’s natural beauty:

  • Mandovi

    The Mandovi River is one of the most important rivers in Goa. It originates from the Belgavi district in Karnataka, where it is also known as the Mhadei. There are two bridges over the Mandovi that connect Panjim to a large part of North Goa, one of which is the Atal Setu bridge (India’s third-longest cable-stayed bridge). The river is home to the Salim Ali bird sanctuary, the beautiful islands of Chorao and Divar and even hosts a variety of cruise boats and casinos as well.

  • Zuari

    The Zuari River is Goa’s longest river which originates at Hemad-Barshem in the Western Ghats. Also known as Aghanashani, the river is a crucial source of livelihood for many Goans. It forms an estuarine system with the Mandovi, making it the backbone of Goa’s agricultural community. They are connected by the Cumbarjua canal which also allows for the transportation of iron ore on barges.

  • Sal

    The river Sal is believed to be one of the smallest in Goa and has become a well-loved tourist haunt. It offers a tranquil boating experience in its backwaters along with other activities such as kayaking and even fishing. It originates in Cavelossim, in the Goan taluka of Salcete and its backwaters are one of the best spots to go birdwatching.

  • Galgibaga

    The Galgibaga river is located in the south of Goa just a few kilometres ahead of Palolem. It drains into the Arabian sea near the Galgibaga beach which is a serene, secret little corner tucked away from the tourist crowds. One can get a spectacular view of the sunset from the bridge that passes over Canacona’s second largest river.

  • Terekhol

    The Terekhol River finds its origins in Manohargad in the Western Ghats and drains into the Arabian Sea. The river also serves as a boundary between North Goa and a small part of south Maharashtra. The fort Tiracol (now a heritage hotel) built in the 17th century also finds itself at the northern mouth of this river.

  • Chapora

    The Chapora river is one of the most scenic destinations in Goa. It originates in Ramghat and is popular for all kinds of recreational water activities. One can witness a marvellous sunset along the river-sea confluence from the Chapora fort and even engage in boating, water cruises and flyboarding at the river.

  • Saleri

    The Saleri river is an emerald piece of heaven that originates in the Quepem taluka of Goa. It flows for about 12kms to eventually join the Arabian sea. It is fed by the Pado, Agonda and Molore rivers.

  • Talpona

    The Talpona originates in the taluka of Canacona and is a very important river in Goa. It flows for almost 30 km before merging with the Arabian Sea. It has facilitated the construction of several small dams that help the surrounding villages with water for consumption and agriculture. It is known to have one of the rare mangrove ecosystems in the world.

  • Baga

    The Baga river rises from the forests of Assagao and finds its way to the Arabian Sea. It flows for about 10 km and is a popular spot for recreational tourist activities.

  • Mandre and Harmal

    The Mandre and Harmal rivers both originate in Corgao. The two rivers are both on the verge of extinction due to several anthropogenic and tourism-related projects that have even altered the river Harmal’s course.