Why throw a Birthday Party on a Yacht in Goa

No matter what anyone says, birthday parties are fun. You get to be the centre of attention and celebrated by people who you love and who love you too. Birthday parties on yachts in Goa can be a great way to spice up traditional celebrations. You get to try something new, make some unique memories and throw an unforgettable birthday party. However you’re planning to celebrate your special day, here are some ways booking a yacht in Goa can make it better:

  1. Goa is Beautiful, More so on a yacht

    Goa’s natural beauty is breathtaking. It’s draped in green fields, quaint villages, elegant architecture and stunning landscapes that can offer a respite from the routine concrete jungles. A yacht cruise out in the waters is one of them. You can choose to go out into the languid seas or into the pristine backwaters, away from the crowded cities. A birthday party in nature’s company is special in its own way. While the sea can offer you a wide horizon and glorious sunsets, the backwaters are rich in biodiversity and other elements worth exploring. You could cruise down the Mandovi and discover the Salim Ali bird sanctuary with its exotic migratory birds (especially during winters), get a panoramic view of Panjim and its bustling city life, pretty lights and colours, a sight of Goa’s churches along the river’s shore, and a dazzling sunset along the horizon. The backwaters of the rivers Sal, Chapora and Zuari also offer some really beautiful and unique sights and sunsets too. Throwing a party away from the closed rooms, crowds and loud music can be an offbeat and refreshing experience. In Goa’s corners, you will find something new every day that is sure to blow your mind. The land can offer you so many unique experiences if you are just brave enough to take the leap.

  2. You get to make some unique memories

    There are a hundred different ways of celebrating your birthday, but not many can feel as unique and special as taking a yacht out into the sea or a river. It’s a novel experience and ideally not the first thing you would think of for a birthday party. Out on a yacht, you get to experience your special day in a completely offbeat way. You and your loved ones can be out, all by yourselves creating unique memories that not all are privy to. You can play the same old traditional games, invent some new ones to match your surroundings or just enjoy being out there on the sea, enjoying the many shades of the sun and the sounds of the sea. If planned well with fun drinks and good food, your birthday party could become one hell of a memory to look back to. Don’t forget to get some good music to complement the relaxing vibe.

  3. A chance to capture some beautiful moments

    If you’ve ever been on a yacht cruise with Cruising Club India, you know how fun it can be. Moreover, the scenic landscapes and the ever-changing sunlight can be great friends in a photoshoot. If you’re going to go create some unique birthday memories on a yacht in Goa, might as well capture them. The blue skies can serve as a perfect backdrop for some creative harsh light photography. You can also switch to silhouette photography as the sun starts to set, creating some really aesthetic shots. Use the light, the reflections and the water to your benefit and play around with them as much as you can. You could have group shoots with your friends, a separate family photoshoot and a handful of snaps with your partner as well! Yachts can create a setting that is simply perfect for really sophisticated snaps that feel like they’re just out of a movie. Your birthday party doesn’t have to be just a birthday party. It can be an opportunity to have a fun planned photoshoot that will store your memories forever and give you some snaps that will definitely go up on your living room wall.

  4. Throw a party to remember

    If you haven’t attended a birthday party on a yacht you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. You are getting the best seats in the house to some of Goa’s most stunning landscapes and sunsets, a chance to celebrate your birthday differently and an opportunity to preserve these unforgettable memories through some really aesthetic photoshoots. You’re moving off the beaten path to make your birthday celebration an event worth remembering. Don’t forget to utilise the open space, the fresh air, the sea and the sun to your advantage; add lights and music that complement the ambience and bring the best out of it. An experience as unique and luxurious as a cruise birthday party in Goa can be an event to talk about. It will be just you and your favourite people out at the sea, indulging in good food and drinks without a care in the world. An event like this is something worth experiencing and looking back to. There’s a world out in the waters that’s not accessible from land and if you want to leave a mark on your guests, then what better way than this?