Why choose Luxury Yachts over luxury hotels while vacationing in Goa

Just imagine waking up to a picturesque setting in the middle of the sea, as you find yourself surrounded by mesmerizing lovely island coves. It is something you may have heard of in some fairy tale story. But now you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. The thought of relaxing in the middle of a sea while the gentle breeze keeps stroking you now and then will excite many who enjoy a secluded place in complete serenity. More so, when the entire world is living in uncertainties and COVID-19 crisis continues to bother many. Yachting is one activity that looks to be the more ideal option than the rest for the vacationing options.

Why is a Private Luxury Yacht Better than a Luxury Hotel?

In the current crisis, yacht tours are far better and safer alternatives to any other options including, hotels. Yachts allow you isolation from busy cities and can be easily sanitized too. You get a secluded place to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Let’s have a quick look at some pointers to understand why a luxury private yacht rental trip is a perfect choice and more rewarding one too, as compared to luxury hotels in Goa.

  1. Explore the City from the Sea

    Explore the City from the Sea

    The best part about being on a yacht is you are not confined to one location. You get to sail around and visit other cities in the region. You have the option of visiting beaches that are only accessible through yachts, relax by the deck and sip on sundowners, explore hidden gems, and do a lot more! Yes, you can do all this at the hotel too, but the experience offered through the yacht is unlike any other.

  2. Privacy Unlimited

    Privacy Unlimited

    Far from the busy streets and crowded hotels, private luxury yachts are fast becoming favourites with luxury-seeking vacationers. The reasons are obvious – while hotels are busy and cramped, yachts provide utmost privacy amidst complete serenity along with very personalised services and personal chef too.

    The crewed charter yacht experience is exceptional. It starts with a beautifully designed yacht, which leaves you in awe, with wide-open spaces, and elegantly appointed state-of-the-art features. The picture-perfect surroundings make your experience the most memorable one. Spacious decks and open interiors without feeling crowded is something that you will always cherish experiencing with your family and close friends.

    It is undoubtedly an incredible experience to leave behind the hectic city life and spend quality time in a private world in the lap of nature in ultimate comfort and luxury. Moreover, in this global pandemic crisis when social-distancing has become a new norm, private yachts are a perfect option for self-isolating.

  3. Infinite Freedom

    Infinite Freedom

    Private luxury yacht tour allows you an infinite option to plan your schedule as per you and your guests’ choice. You can choose from a wide selection of destinations.  Most of the places are secluded and explorable from your yacht.  Additionally, if you want to sail to a specific place after you board your yacht, you can always tell your captain, to make plans accordingly. This is never possible in a luxury hotel, however high-priced and extravagant it might be. With freedom comes the ultimate luxury and comfort.

  4. Personal Chef

    Personal Chef

    The most advantageous of all is the availability of a personal chef that makes private luxury yachts far more personalised and rewarding than luxury hotels. This facility allows you to have meals served to your taste. There is nothing better than luxuriating on some sumptuous food with fascinating views around as you get treated royally.

  5. Limitless Fun and Adventure

    Limitless Fun and Adventure

    Yachting is one of the most preferred luxury adventure activities favourites with fun and adventure enthusiasts across the world. With an abundance of comfort and luxury, and everything in an isolated setting makes it one of the top-rated adventure vacationing options for the adventure buffs seeking complete privacy. The long list of activities will spoil you for choice. And you get to enjoy all of it without having to share it with other guests that you have in a hotel. Now isn’t that exciting?