Few Things to Learn for First-Time Sailors

Sailing is not a very common activity that you will find people embarking on as and when they want. It is not familiar territory for common people, rather something that is enjoyed by only a select few who are affluent and leads a very extravagant and joyous lifestyle. However, recent customised sailing plans with wide-selection of boats for sailing, the sailing, and yacht for rental companies are offering small budget yacht trip too, to fulfil the interest of small budget travellers and sailors.

There is always a first-time for everything you do. In sailing also there is a first-time. So, whether you are a rich and affluent traveller or a budget traveller, you will have some experience when you take a yacht trip for the very first time. The experience has no match available in the world. From getting acquainted with sailing jargon to some technical questions on how to sail, first-time sailors have the opportunity to learn a sea of things while onboard. Though it seems tough in the beginning, yet the entire exercise is very exciting and educative. This way one day you will be able to unfold the hidden mysteries of the nautical world. The most appealing factors are the entire experience is full of learning, fun, entertainment, and adventure, Moreover, you get an environment that is calm, peaceful and away from the maddening crowd of anywhere else in the world.

Here are some of the things that you learn as a first-time sailor:

  1. A Learning Experience

    When you spend your time in sailing you will learn a lot that all the sailing videos and books available in the world won’t teach you. But first, you will need a license to start sailing or you can sail with some experienced person on board. The lesson that you learn practically will be more fulfilling than any other way in the world.

  2. Seasickness

    Have heard about this a lot from people who are a frequent traveller to the sea. However, seasickness has nothing to do with the sea by any chance. The reason for seasickness is due to prolonged sun exposure and dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid seasickness and note that consumption of alcohol does not count in hydration. However, carry some ginger with yourself while on a sailing trip. It is a natural cure for an upset stomach and also helps in lessening seasickness.

  3. Keep A Friend Informed About Your Trip

    When you go out for something adventurous or even it is not so adventurous it is always good to keep at least one person informed about your adventure. Sea is an unfamiliar domain for most of the people, for some it is unaffordable and for some it is inaccessible and for some, it is simply too adventurous to think about or embark on. So, whether you are sailing with a big group or on a solo trip, or even if you have skipper by your side, always make sure that you have informed at least one person about your sailing plans and where you have plans to sail to. You never know what is there in store for you while you are in the middle of the sea. So, this would be an emergency contact just in case something unexpected happens.

  4. Learn Sailing Jargons

    Learn all the technical terms related to sailing. You can do this before starting your sailing. If you learn it beforehand then while onboard, it will be all the more exciting and a learning experience. It will give you a great sense of achievement.

  5. Keep Whistle in Your Life Jacket

    This is very necessary. Just in case, you are in trouble and you don’t see anyone near to you, this whistle can save you. Yes, don’t forget to blow it when in trouble.

  6. Be Prepared for a Dip in Water Temperature

    Whether it is warmer months or chilling cold, seawater can surprise you with its temperature. So, even if it is warm outside seawater can be very cold. Coldwater can get you hypothermia. A first-timer may not be aware of this character of seawater but a seasoned sailor is always prepared for unexpected temperature patterns.