Factors to consider before you plan your Yacht Rental Tour in Goa

Finally, you have decided to take a break after a long professional event. This time with your family, as it has been quite a time now that you haven’t gone on a vacation with them due to global lockdowns that were an outcome of COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the corona dust seems to have settled down a lot, and with the invention of vaccines, avid travellers and sailors have started making their plans. Yacht rental tours are leading the list of vacationing options as people are still not very confident about travelling to crowded places.

So, how exactly can you start planning your yacht rentals? It is something that you do not plan every day with your family or even friends. Therefore, it will need you to put in some time and understand what are the areas that you will need to focus on before you book your yacht.

Here are some of the essential factors that you need to consider:

  1. Budget


    This is the most important factor while booking a yacht for vacationing. You need to understand how much you are ready to spend on your tour.  Yachting was once seen as an activity for the rich and the famous, but with a wide range of yachts being introduced in different sizes and expenses, it has now become accessible to a larger section of people. However, comparatively, yachts do not come cheap as compared to other vacationing options. Therefore, it is very important that you check your finances before planning for a yacht rental in Goa. Do proper research and find the yacht that suits your budget and needs comfortably. Ensure you do not end by choosing something that becomes a disappointment in the end.

  2. Amenities On Board

    Amenities on Board

    Again, once you have decided you are going on a yacht tour, it is essential to check the amenities onboard. Yachts are usually equipped with all necessary facilities and services to make your stay in the middle of the ocean a comfortable one. Do talk to the company representative about your expectations and the activities you want to engage in. They will take care of the rest.

  3. Size of Yacht

    Size of Yacht

    Size of the yacht is very crucial when you plan a private luxury yacht tour. It is a private tour with family so you will need to find out something that is not too big to manage. Every yacht can accommodate only a certain number of people. It won’t make sense if you pay extra for a bigger yacht or book a yacht that is not big enough to provide you with comfortable accommodation and tour. Inform your yacht rental company how many people you are planning to travel with. This will help in finding the right size of the yacht.

  4. Crew Members

    Crew Members

    You can choose whether you want to take crewmembers or you want to manage everything all by yourself. The crew members in a luxury yacht are usually professional trained in the hospitality sector and well experienced. They have the knowledge and ensure a very well-managed and professional service. However, you can meet the team for a better understanding of their behaviour and service quality.

  5. Items to Carry

    Items to Carry

    Every time you are out on a tour, you pack your bag and keep all your essentials in it. This time too, you will have to do the same. However, you must know, when you plan to take a yacht tour, you will have to stay in the middle of the ocean for days and weeks, and won’t have any contact with the land during your tour unless your yacht touches the shores. Therefore, you won’t get a chance to purchase your essentials whenever you feel like if by any chance you forget to carry them along. So, make a list while making your plan and everything you might need during the tour. Pack them all to make your trip a comfortable one.

    Some of the essentials include – sunscreens, toiletries, jackets, towels, medicines and bathing suits, etc. Carry both light and warm clothes, and footwear must be with soft soles. You can take some ideas from your crew members if you are not sure what you must carry.

  6. Endnote


    Whether you want to plan an exciting weekend or a long vacation, nothing can be more thrilling and fun-filled than a yacht rental tour in Goa. Private luxury yacht tours allow you all types of enjoyment, you might not have imagined elsewhere. Just book one, and find it for yourself.