Sunset Photoshoot in Goa? 7 Reasons why you should do it on a yacht!

Who doesn’t love doing photoshoots in Goa? Especially now, as the Goan monsoons bid us goodbye and leave behind clear blue skies and breathtaking sunsets. October in Goa is perfect for capturing some of the most surreal shots that you can imagine. The sky is doused in shades of orange, pink, yellow, purple and so on - a backdrop that should be made the best of.

What’s more? You can keep switching your locations by moving from beaches to rivers to pretty streets, hills and yachts! Can you imagine? A picture of you with your loved ones, by yourself or even your pet in the sea against the many hues of a setting sun? It’d be one hell of an eyecatcher! So here are some reasons to take a yacht for your Goan sunset photoshoot this year:

  1. Bonding Time with your loved ones

    Who doesn’t love a fun picnic? You can pack a lunch or some snacks and head out towards the horizon on your yacht in Goa! Goa’s offbeat experiences are worth sharing with your loved ones, and yacht sunset photoshoots with Cruising Club India are one of them! You could take your spouse and your kids, your parents, that best friend you can’t live without, or your partner. As long as it’s company you enjoy. We’ve shamelessly spent some quality alone time on our yachts as well, indulging in a little self-love. Lastly, if your pet is brave enough, they could tag along too!

    Yacht days out can make for some really fun memories no matter who you do it with!

  2. New Experiences in a Different Kind of Goa

    Goa isn’t just beaches anymore. It’s opening up novel experiences to those who’re willing to explore. If you’re someone who’s looking for a change, taking the yacht out in Goa’s backwaters could sound fun, no? Amongst the green hills and the quiet waters, you could find a Goa that no one knew existed and get pictures taken while you’re at it! Goa’s rivers have their own unique stories to offer too.

  3. Silhouette Photography

    Goan sunsets will never lose their magic. They’re close to our hearts and always will be. Apart from just basking in their beauty, you can always make the best out of them for your silhouette photography. Whether you’re a photographer, a model or someone who just wants some cool sunset pictures taken, they’re perfect. We’ve even spoken about it in our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot blog - the sea and the sunset are great combos! Using the water to create reflections, the shimmers for effect, the great blue as your background - the list is endless! If you’re up for a little query, that’s where yachts come into the picture!

    You can make the best of it by heading straight into the waters on a yacht with your people and your photographer. Not only will you get some great shots, but you’ll also get plenty of space to experiment!

  4. Getting away from the crowd

    We all wish we could just drive into the sunset on a boat, yea? We do and we love that our yachts let us do that whenever we want to! So if you’re looking for a peaceful escape - by yourself or with your people/ person, we have just the thing for you! You can pack your snacks, carry your music and just spend time out floating on the sea. Yachts are perfect photoshoot locations for those who like to get away.

  5. Creating something unique

    We all want to create memories that not many can claim. Sunset photoshoots may be cliche, but not when done on a yacht! You’re bringing the fun of the movies into real life and capturing it forever! Yacht photography is relatively new and chasing sunsets on a boat is definitely a unique experience! What’s more, the sea isn’t the limit. Goa’s backwaters are unique in their own ways. You can spot migratory birds, bask in the lush green surroundings and so on.

  6. Date Night

    Need some offbeat date ideas? We think yachts should do it. You could take your partner into the sea, pack some good food and wine, take some fun music and a photographer along too! We think yachts are one of the most private ways to spend some quality time with your better half. Head out just a little before the evening to get some harsh light photos in and make the best of the golden hour too! Your lover will be pleasantly thrilled, for sure!

  7. A Day Out with Your Kids

    Admit it, kids are hard to please. They want new things to do every minute and they get bored easily. If you’re looking for some fun things to do with them, yacht rides can be a great idea! If you’re looking to update your family album, you can’t say no to photoshoots in the sea!

    If you’re someone looking to plan a fun day out with your folks on a yacht in Goa, we’ve got some great ideas up our sleeves for you. Simply reach out to Cruising Club India and we’ll help you out!