Why a Romantic Cruise in a Yacht in Goa is a Great Idea

Date nights are crucial to a healthy relationship and building intimacy. However, if you’re done and dusted with all of the romantic date ideas that you could possibly think of, consider planning a rendezvr on a yacht. Taking a romantic cruise on a yacht in Goa with Cruising Club could be a breath of fresh air in your amorous getaways. Yachts are a relatively novel experience in Goa and you can make the best of it if you plan right. Owing to Goa’s stunning landscapes, your time together out on a yacht can become really magical. Here are some reasons why it could be a great idea to embark on a romantic cruise on a yacht in Goa for couples:

  1. Time to yourself

    Taking a yacht out into the sea or Goa’s backwaters will give you and your partner some quality time just to yourselves. It’s perfect to plan something special and make the best of this time. You can plan a lunch or a dinner date against the sunset, pack your own high tea or just bring along a bottle of wine to lighten the mood and enjoy the live music on board. A yacht cruise is all about the sound of the sea and the lingering peacefulness that comes with sailing away from the crowd. You have the space and the liberty to be quiet together, talk about everything under the sun and the moon, or just let some good music do the talking. At Cruising Club India, you also have the option of getting a live musician on board to serenade you and your loved ones to your favourite songs, classic love songs and romantic Bollywood tunes.. Time spent together away from routine activities can help build intimacy, strengthen your bond and help you connect with your partner better. On a romantic yacht cruise, you can be all by yourself with the person you love the most.

  2. Fun Photoshoots

    Your romantic time out together doesn’t have to be limited to spending time doing things together. You can take this opportunity to get an aesthetic photoshoot done. Not only will you have some really stunning set of memories in print, but also a whole lot more to look back to. The silly moments you’ve spent together behind the scenes can be a great laugh. Moreover, on a yacht cruise, you get quirky and new backdrops, a variety of lights and reflections to experiment with and an opportunity to think out of the box. You can pause a frame straight out of the movies by playing around with props and outfits. Yachts can be some of the most stylish backdrops and offer a sophisticated aesthetic to your pictures. You can take it a notch higher by indulging in silhouette photoshoots. You have the entire stage to yourself and the sunset to be exploited in the best way possible. A shoot planned right could produce some really breathtaking pictures. If you book a yacht for couples to plan a romantic adventure, you get to not only spend quality time together but also frame those moments you’ve shared.

  3. A Unique Experience

    Yacht cruising can be a very unique and offbeat experience. Goa’s backwaters have recently been gaining attention for their pristine beauty and novel sights. You can book a cruise for couples, take your spouse or partner out into the backwaters and experience something new together. Out in the quiet waters by yourselves, you’ll be exploring an offbeat Goa that not many are privy to. What’s more, if you’re someone looking to propose to your partner, there is no better way to get a “yes” from them. No matter what the occasion is - be it your wedding anniversary, your partner’s birthday, that one date you’ve needed for a while, a romantic yacht cruise in Goa can only make it better, and more special. You’re not only exploring new things together but also setting new bars for exquisite date nights.

  4. Best of Goa’s Beauty

    The wind in your hair, the sun against your skin, your partner right next to you as the horizon melts into hues of oranges and pinks. Goa’s backwaters and open seas offer some exquisite landscapes and sightseeing that are hard to forget. Cruising on the river Mandovi, for instance, is special. While slowly floating away from the chaotic shores, you can even witness some Goan churches from the river Mandovi. The Salim Ali bird sanctuary is another interesting spot to look out for. This bird sanctuary in the island of Chorao is flocked by a wide array of birds, especially during the early hours of the day, and more so in the winters. You’ll find a variety of kingfishers, cormorants, the brahminy kite and even herons. Apart from that, the Mandovi is sprinkled with floating casinos and the grandiose Atal Setu bridge with its pretty, illuminating lights that the river wears as a crown. On the shore, you’ll also find the fisherman’s jetty. The Mandovi river also offers the best seats in the house for a perfect view of Panjim as it lights up slowly with nightfall. This can make booking a yacht in Goa for couples on the river Mandovi can be an enchanting and unforgettable experience.