9 Reasons to Book a Yacht in Goa for your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

The wedding season is here! Goa is basking in its post-monsoon glow and setting itself up as the perfect destination for romance! It’s no secret that Goa’s quaint street corners and palm-fringed roads are the perfect backdrops for your precious pre-wedding shoots. But have you considered Goa’s seas? Yachts, sunshine and the clear blue ocean are setting new goals for your photoshoot backdrops. Here’s why we think a yacht pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa with Cruising Club India should definitely make it to your wedding bucket list!

  1. Make Offbeat Wedding Memories

    It doesn't matter whether Goa is your address for a destination wedding or you’re a local getting married in your home town - the sea cannot be left out! You can discover an offbeat Goa that’s now part of your wedding memories! Trust us when we say that the Goan seas can be charming, especially with the pink-purple winter sunsets and the pre-summer indolence.

  2. It's Something straight out of a movie!

    Yes, we know it sounds cliche, but trust us when we say that the photos clicked on a yacht pre-wedding photoshoot will change your mind. Wedding photographers in Goa are honing their skills to bring the best shots to your wedding albums. We’re thinking - blue is the new black and photos that make you look like you’re in a movie should exist!

  3. Experience Goa differently

    Everything about Goa is an experience - a proposal against the sunset, getting married on the beach, an after-party by a river, a pre-wedding shoot in Goa’s backwaters! You need to try a yacht at least once in your life and watch the sun touch the Goan horizon, sip your favourite drink out on the sea with your partner and build some wonderful, filmy pre-wedding moments!

  4. Set New Bars for Wedding Photoshoots

    There are so many mainstream ways to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. Yet, there’s always somewhere, something new to explore. Yacht shoots are gaining popularity but are still relatively a new idea and worth exploring. You can set new standards and be creative with your partner. Literally, the sky's the limit, or in this case the sea!

  5. Do something new with your partner!

    This is for those of you who still think pre-wedding shoots are silly. Silly as they may be (for you), it’s still an opportunity for you to do something new with your partner. Studies show that doing things that you might feel embarrassed about with your partner, help build intimacy. What’s a better way to test these waters than out on the sea, with just the person you can be your silliest with? Sounds like a plan?

  6. Play around with light and reflection

    We’re no experts in photography, but we do know that the water is a great way to play with light and reflection. Find new locations out in the waters and make the best of the different lighting throughout the day. You could find pretty reflections of magnificent mountains, of palm trees or even reflections of you as a couple. Moreover, you can play with silhouettes, the golden hour, with harsh light, with shimmers off the water, twilight, dawn and even the stars at night! We could go on, but we’ll leave the rest to you and your photographer’s imagination!

  7. The water is your prop

    Water can be fun, especially when the weather is hot. The size of a yacht can make it easier for you to take photos that capture the water. We don't have to say anything more than what has been said about Goa's seas, right? It could be the splash of the waves, you and your partner in play with the water and so much more! If you're the adventurous kind, you can even go out and jump in! Yachts are way easier to manage and make the water body very accessible for photography. A pre-wedding photoshoot is where you can really give your all and truly explore without fear of judgement. Go wild, lovebirds!

  8. Bring style to the Goan stage

    Yachts have always been a symbol of class. If you had to see a picture of someone on a yacht, you'd vouch for their sophistication and style statement. We personally believe that nothing can go wrong if you can find a yacht and take photos on it. So groom yourself, put your best outfit on and find that classy setup for your pre-wedding pictures. Who knows you could find that one portrait you could put up in your room too!

  9. Far from the madding crowd

    We're big fans of love stories, and we love giving them space to flourish. Yachts are a great way to be away from people - literally no one can just walk in on you giving your silliest poses! You're far away, in the middle of nowhere with the person you love and want to spend your life with.

    What's more, you're both in a place of anticipation of a wedding and of the future. So why not do it in the quiet waters, in the arms of the warm sun and only the sound of the splashing of water. It would be one hell of a love story to tell about, no?

    If we’ve managed to convince you to opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot on a yacht in Goa, look no further than Cruising Club India. Visit our website to drop us an inquiry for tariffs, bookings and more.